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Born. 1983. Lives and works in Mumbai, India.

Our land is a part of the globe

A map is a representation of the physical geography of the physical earth. Each piece of land is part of the whole. Why people choose a particular land for migration is a big question worth pondering. This may not always be propelled by the urge to conquer but to be part of it. One’s homeland may be a foster land for the other. Migraton through sea was comparatively a sort of harmonious exploration where as those through the land was more of a conquest. These are some specific reasons why a potion of the peninsula becomes center of attraction. The ocean currents and the wind is one factor which attributes to a place becoming a natural harbour. Water has always been the main conduit for trade and exploration. Kochi is symbolic of one such piece of land.

Our land is a part of the globe/ 365 cm x 152 cm/
Mix-media on wood/ 2017

Saju did his PG Diploma (Museology & onservation) in 2014 at Mumbai University, M.F.A (Painting) in 2011 at Sir J.J School of Art, Mumbai and B.F.A (Painting) in 2006 at Govt. College of Fine Arts, Thrissur, Kerala. He has exhibited his works in many group shows in India and abroad. Solo Show: Stained Geographies , 2017 at Tarq, Mumbai