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Born. 1971. Lives and works in Mattancherry, Kerala, India.

Mattancherry has been my home since 15 years. I am in a sense image maker of the people I see around- an observer who uncovers images.

An experience that’s in-between seeing and appreciating stays close with me in my process of working on finishing an image. It combines colous, strokes; it engages me like a language, in a conversation.

Mattancherry is also a long-term theme for me. I now attend to objects and living things which existed alongside people, but in a subdued state, in my earlier works. Seemingly insignificant things are now becoming important elements in my expressions of this town. My art, for me, is often the joys that accompany my attempts to reflect on with intensity Kochi’s surroundings.

Sosa Joseph's paintings are a significant, distinctive contribution to contemporary Indian figuration, she cherishes the meaning and potency of painting, further deconstructing the idea of painting as a male domain. Neither satire nor social commentary, her intense, psychologically charged works explore themes of gender, religious identity and the amalgamation of historical and cultural influences that inform the social fabric of Kerala.

Contrary to the lineage of conceptual painters, Sosa Joseph paints directly from life, witnessing her immediate environment and realities. With her cultural and intellectual formation being shaped by the 'Baroda' climate .Sosa Joseph’s painterly focus is on the ordinary and the local. Festive congregations, the lively atmosphere of the bazaar, people immersed in public activities or sunk in the monotony of everyday life, form the elements of her complex spatial arrangements. Her almost flat ‘faux-naif’ style chronicles everyday life, with central figures flanked by other smaller scenes. These figures, though in themselves extremely personal, are rendered universal, paying tribute to the conditio humana — the ultimate concerns of human existence.