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Born. 1989. Lives and works in Kochi, Kerala, India.

I am an artist living in Kochi since 2012. Kochi has been important for my artistic training. My works has taken me quite unexpectedly and unintentionally through its streets. Many people here consider me a familiar face. No one loses her way here. One street eaches another, and this through a third street reaches the first. During these journeys, we are sure to cross a canal stream that does not smell of rain even if we don’t notice it.

This video is an archive of an act that I’ve performed over the last two months. Titled Petrichor (smell of the earth), I’ve tried to record the stagnant canals flowing through Fort Kochi and Mattancherry and their surroundings.

This work began with conversations with peoplewho have memories of these canals from their childhood. I’ve been told about how there used to be goods traffic through these canals, and how they were so clear that you could see the fish at the bottom, how [eole had learned to swim on these canals, and how a present ground used to be a pond. These are the space I wish to archive for an art show about Mattancherry.

We can deal with big problems by first solving smaller problems that are right in front. many friends have helped me create this video. I thank my Mattancherry friends for showing me that there are new ways to many places.


Vipin Dhanurdharan is a self taught artist living and working in Kerala, India. He works with different mediums such as drawings, video, installation, performance etc. Along with his independent practise, Vipin works with Kochi Biennale Foundation from the first edition of the Kochi Muziris Biennale. He is also founding member of Kalakakshi, an artistic collective.

He has participated in group shows: 2016 Horizon: Against Nature, curated by Vaibhav Raj Shah + jasone Miranda-Bilbao, Gallery OED, Kochi, Kerala; 2012 Higher Education Program, Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2012.

He was part of the 2015 Post Graduate Residency at Vagamon, Kerala organised by Kochi Biennale Foundation.