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Born. 1970. Lives and works in Kochi, India.

Man Performing An Exile In His Homeland
Man Performing With General Hospital Ward
Women Performing With The New Settlement
The Inner Map of The Abandoned Citizens

It is as dialogues with social expressions that appear on the external aspect of Mattancherry that my images connect with fragments of time. By ‘external’ I’m reffering to the walls in Mattancherry. What appears on these walls are the echoes of protests of those without houses, those bodies who are packed into narrow spaces to survive. These writings and posters testify to how the rage of those who are driven from their homes have become reduced to monologues. This is where I draw the energy and ideas for my pictures.

I see all around us actions and policies that violate the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Human movements that escape sympathetic surveillance are what animates my paintings.

The four paintings here are in a sense performances - they are visual sounds! They are the cacophony of the visual sounds of the room and the street, of fans and wheels, of multitude and singularity. They are not opposites in these paintings. There people who have come to live together as rejects of the vertical and horizontal growth of centralised development. These paintings reveal the wills and desires of these people.

Women Performing With The New Settlement/ 2017

Man Performing With General Hospital Ward/ 2017

The Inner Map of The Abandoned Citizens/ 2017

Man Performing An Exile In His Homeland/ 2017


Zakkir Hussain has participated in various shows in India and aboard. He has had many successful solo exhibitions in India and abroad including '103o C Yellow Fever and other Works' at Gallery Ske, Bangalore, in 2010; Krinzinger Projekte at Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, in 2008; 'Re-turn of the Unholy' at Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi, in 2008. He has won multiple awards, including the All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society Award for drawing in 2001, and the State Award from the Kerala Lalit Kala Akademi in 2000.